Import Consultancy Services


  • We finance the import and duty payments of our approved clients.
  • Full support by both local and foreign banks
  • Revolving USD approved finance line to service all approved clients.
  • Priority services agreement with banks to ensure prompt establishment of LC's and customs documentation processing

Our goal is to take over a substantial portion of our clients Capex and raw materials/maintenance equipment financing and delivery, in order to allow them to focus on their core business. Insulating clients from the problem associated with importation and clearance at the ports. We offer specialized knowledge and expertise which give opportunities for synergies, reduced overheads and increased efficiencies - all potentially leading to a better balance of service and costs.

We are able to procure / finance and supply any product from clients approved manufacturers anywhere in the world through the support of our Banks. Below are a few of our recent purchases for our clients which could be in line with your requirements.

  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Industrial manufacturing and production lines.
  • Industrial raw materials.
  • Fire equipment and consumables.
  • Tractors, vehicles and allied accessories.
  • Forklift trucks and other factory handling equipment.

The above list is not exhaustive. All we require is the Product name; manufacturers name and address, specification, part numbers, engine No., quantity and sample (if needed).

Our aim is to help industry leaders get their products to the market faster and more efficiently than the competition.

We offer full Import finance/logistics support in the following ways:

  • We will provide finance based on the proforma invoice (either in the name of Client or Libra Circle Ltd supported by your LPO.
  • We will deliver to your premises on your behalf. Goods will be fully insured by Libra Circle up to the point of your chosen delivery destination.
  • Finance rates to be determined by local bank interest rates prevailing at the time of each specific transaction – to be agreed before processing.
  • Full payment or balance payment to be made after delivery.
  • A negotiated percentage of total transaction cost is chargeable for this service as handling fee.


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Organic Food

As a procurement and logistics service provider, we offer freight forwarding services to various companies who are industry leaders in Pharmaceutical, manufacturing, Oil & Gas, etc. Our aim is to continuously provide world class, all-encompassing logistics and result oriented services to our clients.

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